Thursday, 1 September 2011

Still Learning - Taking online classes

Hi everyone, well that was a long break, heaps going on in our lives, but I did have a little bit of time to take a class or two. I absolutely love learning more techniques.
I took a class of Marilyn Radzat's, to make these pumpkin elves.
They are not exactly the same as the ones Marilyn makes, this is just my version.

I personally love them, and they were fun to do.
I hope you like them, I have a few more Elves to show you, but I don't have good photo's of them yet.
Every time I take a photo they come out blurred, It' has to be the camera, surely it's not me HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that's it for now, next week Hubby and I will be over on the mainland, so he can have open heart surgery, VERY SCAREY, but I may have a chance to come and write some more as this is a new procedure the are doing and Rob will be have a few days that may be just induced sleeping to make sure everything settles nicely. Wish him luck, take care everyone, catch you soon. xxx

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