Sunday, 18 November 2012

Half "Fetch" and half "Imagination"

Hi everyone, I have just downloaded a course from DawnS/Oddfae,
 on an Elf that is called Fetch. Short for Fetch and Carry, which is the type of Elf he is.

This is her SITE

I started to read the lessons as I was downloading and printing them out. My husband is giving that one and a couple of others for Christmas, I just had to Peek at the lessons. Heheheh!!!

So the following pictures are what I picked up from "PEEKING" at those lessons. YES I KNOW, I'M NAUGHTY. But I just LOVE Dawns' work.

So I did some of his head similar to the course, but not all of it.

His hands, He will be holding a pencil. I think this little guy might be going to my niece that I made the last witch for.

And lastly, his feet. I can't help myself, I wanted to make him now, not wait for Christmas, when hubby gives me my lessons. heheheh!!!! But I am looking forward to doing another one from scratch.

Thanks for stopping by, I will post more on him, when I have done more. Take care. xxx

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