Thursday, 13 September 2012

Finally Finished

I Finished this one a little while ago, but I was looking at him and I had forgotten to give him some bling.  So I gave him some and a pair of wings.

I hope you like him. Let me know, I could always do with some advise.

 All of these Elves are made the same way, they have an Alfoil ball inside, covered in Polymer Clay.
 Painted in Acrylics and sprayed with Clear Paint to give them a shiny finish.

 Then, they are given Hair, this is made from Feathers, and then they are given a bit of bling.
Looking at them now, I think they need eyelashes, what do you think? 

Thank you for stopping by. xxx


Steinworks said...

they look wonderful :) maybe you can put wire in their bodies like this.

that way the heads could stick up a bit more

anyway they look cute

Marisa :)

tinypearl5758 said...

Thank you Marisa for stopping by and for your comments. Yes I went to the site you told me about. I do use a wire frame on some of my Sculpts, but I must admit that I haven't been doing it with these smaller ones. But I know I have to just keep trying and experimenting. xxx