Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mojo is that you?

Hi everyone, I have been having trouble getting motivated lately, but I think my Mojo paid me a visit last night.  hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Hubby and I went to a small Spirits distillery a couple of days ago, and as we were leaving, i looked down on the ground to see where i was stepping, and there they were!!!!!! Nuts from a Tree. Hahah!!

My brain started doing over time, so I had a bit of polymer clay left over from my last box and thought I would use it up.

Unfortunately, I have some dirt in it, so I decided to just use this one as a "Let's just see what comes out that brain of mine.

So here he is, I haven't finished his Mug, I still need to do more clay work, I will probably do his clothes in clay and just ad a little bit of bling.His hat is actually the nut i found, but no-one can tell me what sort of plant it comes from. If anyone happens to know, please let me know.
This is his back view, I'm thinking of making it look as though he is wearing a "tucks"

I need to modify his feet, don't worry he won't have the stripes on his soles, this is only the first layer of him, I just needed to make his body firmer, so I could work on him better.

His body is Polymer Clay over Alfoil and a tooth pick holding the three Alfoil parts together.

Stay tuned. Let hope Mojo comes back to night. hahahhaha!!!!!!!!

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