Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bag Lady?????

Hi all, it's been a crazy 2 weeks, my mother was in hospital and we have been told she doesn't have long to live, but knowing my mother, she well kick and scream all the way, hahahah!!!!!

So, I'm afraid my craft has taked a back seat.  I have managed to make a couple of handbags for dolls, and a handbag for my Mobile Phone to carry with me always.

Let me know what you thinks.

This one is for a Tiny Elf which hasn't been made yet and the next one is the flip side of it.
I still have to put some bling on them. I will post another photo when I have finished them.
This one is for a larger Elf, as still awaiting its' bling, probably in the corner, stay posted.

This one is going to be the one for my Mobile Phone. It needs a strap and some bling.

All of them are made from a Childs' Hot Water Bottle Cover. I love to recycle. I hadn't actually use it though and they all have trims made from fluffy wool. And all screaming for bling. Stay tunned for more.

Stay well, love with a passion and talk to you soon.

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