Sunday, 17 June 2012

Another long gap

Hi everyone, wow that was another long gap, in between entries. I have been doing a few Elves, I hope you like them.
A Guard for my Mother-in-law

This little guy I made for my mother-in-law. She kindly gives me things to use for my craft, so I promised her, that I would make her an Elf. The shield that he is holding, is actually from a belt that Mother Jean gave me for my craft.

As usual my Elves are made from Polymer Clay, Acrylic paints, Clear paint. All Elves are garnished with a bit of Bling, and their hair is made from Feathers.

Ballerina for my Niece

This little girl I have called 'Lana'. One of my nieces has asked me to make her a Ballerina and a Witch. So far, I have completed the Ballerina, I hope she likes it. When possible, I will post a full length picture of her.

'Lana' has a wire armature, her body is filled with fibre, her face, hands and feet are Polymer Clay, she is painted with Acrylics and her outfit is made from Lace, a scarf, artificial flowers, her hair is Mohair and finished off with a little bit of bling.

   I have also been painting my next door neighbor's Wind Mill. Some of her garden statues have faded, so she has asked me to brighten them up for her. It's been different and fun.  
Wind Mill

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