Saturday, 21 August 2010

One finished

Hi everyone, I have finished one of the Trolls I did a little while ago.  If you remember I had all of that clay that was not the best quality. Anyway, I will keep using it and if it cracks, well so be it. I don't like waste and because I can't just pop down to a craft store, I will use it to experiment and to keep learning how to sculpt.

Because of the cracking, I decided to paint this little guy. Then sprayed him with Clear Car Paint (it was a little too cold for the paint and he didn't come out as shiny as I would have liked). However, all of these problems are just learning curves.

His hair is made from feathers, trousers and coat are made from wool, it looks like a frill, and the trims are Semi-precious Gem stones, Peridot and Sunstone. (although I think someone was telling me fibs with the Sunstone, I think they are man made ones). But the Peridots are real.  I am very into gemstones and there healing properties. (But that is another story, xxx).

The back of him is a little boring, but I am only practicing. Let me know what you think of him, and any suggestions on painting my works, are always welcome.

Oh! if anyone can tell me what some of you use to make your sculptures - dolls - statues shiny, please let me know. I like the shiny effect it makes the piece look finished.

Well dear friends, have a magic weekend and I hope to get back into things on a more regular basis. Take care. xxx

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