Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Well last night I finally had the courage to start my sculpture.  I have done some practice pieces and I have to say they are a little bit boring. I did a pirate that doesnt have much of a chin, and doesn't bend every well. I will put a picture of him up here.

I sent an email to Amanda Day at and received a reply last night, I asked her about where she gets her eyes for her dolls, and she is doing a tutorial at some stage to show us all how to make them.

It is because of people like Amanda that are willing to share their gift with others that is helping me to beleive in others and myself again. Thank you Amanda, I love your work and for sharing.

So now I have the confidence to show you all what I have been upto. And if you think they are funny, nice or horrid, thats ok, at least I have got some of my self-asteeme back.

I made him for my husband, he loves pirates and treasure, Oh! and I still have to touch up the stiching on his vest.

The next sculpture is of an ant, which the colour and the fact that it has Boobies is because of one of our friends being extremely silly, and by the end of the day, he thought he would like to see a red headed and with boobs.  Well thats what I did. He should have been a little more specific when it comes to Red Heads, because i did a whole Red Ant and with Black long hair.

But all in all, We all had a damn good laugh. And from now on that's what I am trying to achieve, getting more fun and laughs out of life.

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