Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fetch and Carry - FINISHED

Fetch and Carry finally finished, I only had a sneek peek of the lesson I will be doing with Dawn at Oddfae Blog this is her Blog address, go and have a look, I really love her stuff.

I have sculptured his Face, Hands and Feet out of Polymere Clay, He has a wire Armature, body is formed using wrapping the wire in Felt and stuffing some parts of it with Fibre Fill.

His clothes are made from recycling old Clothes and I have just cut this particular Blouse up into strips and tied them onto his body.

I have put some beads onto really small Safety Pins, I have added a few extra beads and Gold Twine.

Then I painted his face with Acrylic paints and his hair is made out of feathers.

The hat I made, is my first hat I have made other than Witches hats, I think it turned out ok, Let me know what you think.

And Here is the Man himself, "Fetch and Carry". Thanks for stopping by. xxx

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