Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Couple of new Baby Elves

"Wow" first you don't hear from me for awhile, and now 3 posts in a row. Hehehe!!!!!

Possum Princess

We have had a few Possums in our back yard lately, as soon as we get them removed, another one pops up. They are beautiful animals, however, they are eating all of our roses. Anyway, I was still inspired to make an Elf one. I hope you find her interesting. xxx

Blinkie Blue Ballerina
This little girl is all in blue and the sets of False Eyelashes that I recently bought for my craft are very long.

All of my work are made from Polymer Clay, Acrylic paints, Feathers and little Gemstones and a little bit of Ribbon and Lace.

I love making them, I hope you like to see them, thank you for stopping by. Take care. xxx

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