Friday, 24 February 2012

Another Batty Patty

Hi everyone, I did a Batty Patty not long ago, and when I gave it to my sister. Her Grand-daughter, who is 5, asked if I would make her one.

So here is Tia's Batty Patty. I hope you like her (I hope Tia likes her) hehehe!!!

I sculpted the face, hands and boots out of Poymer Clay, painted with Acrylics and glazed with clear paint. Her body is a wire amature, covered in fibre fill and then dressed.  Lace, Silk flowers and fur material (not real fur though), ribbon and a bit of bling. hehehe!!!!

Tiny Elves

This little Elf is about 3" high and her armature is just alfoil and tooth picks that attach her legs.

She is made of Polymer Clay, painted with Acrylics and sprayed with clear paint.

Her dress is made from lace, ribbon with pearls on it. Her hair is made from Feathers.

Tiny Elf No. 2

This little one is also about 3" tall. He is made excactly the same as the first Tiny Elf.

The only difference is he is laying on an oyster shell.

Thank you for dropping by, please leave comments, I love hearing from you all and if you have any advice, I would love to hear what you have to say. Have a magic weekend and take care. xxx

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