Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Do Wa Ditty Sisters
 I made these two swinging sisters for one of my sisters for her 60th Birthday.  They are made from Polymere Clay. Painted in Acrylics and sprayed with Clear Varnish. There hair is made from feathers and are sporting a few pieces of bling.

I hope you can see that they are singing, because they are, heheheh!!!!!!

My sister and I use to sit on our beds and sing harmonies to "Do Wa Ditty Ditty Dom Ditty Do"

I don't have a name for this little guy. He is made exactly the same as the girls.

Xmas Elf
I had fun doing this little one. The lady next door was on her own this xmas and so were we, so we asked her over for lunch.

I was already painting one her statues from her garden for xmas but I thought we should have a little suprise for her on the day. And this is the little guy that come out.

This little one I made as a reminder of my Big Sister who use to do Gymnastics. My second to eldest sister wants it, so I will be sending it to her with the "Do wa ditty Sisters"

I used a wire armature for "Mallerina" and the filled with fibre fill, her make-up is acrylic paints. Her outfit is made from Ribbon and Lace.

Thank you all for dropping in, please leave comments and have a magic day. xxx

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