Saturday, 25 December 2010

Baby Elf

Baby Elf

I have been trying to sculpt a baby elf for soooooooo long. This is my first one. I normally get halfway done and then decide I dont like it and squash it.

Anyway she is made of Polymere Clay, there's no armiture only a tooth pick to hold the head to the body.

I painted her lips with pearl pink acrylic, and gave her body a bit of a blush tone with Make-up Blush and a pearl eyeshadow near her eyes. Her hair is made from white feathers, with a felt hat and a little bell on top.

She is resting in an Oyster Shell which I have glazed with Clear Car Varnish. I hope you like her, if you have any tips on improving her please let me know.

Sherl-lee - Sea Snail

As I have said before, I have wanted to do something with the Oyster Shells from the area we live in.

Also, my grandmother use to make things out of shells she picked up, off the beach.

This little ones name isn't very imaginative, but my mum's name is Shirley and, oh well, it just popped out when I was trying to give it a name. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway, she is made from Polymere Clay, over a wire armiture, and coved in Oyster Shells, and only her eyes and lips are painted with acrylics, and then sprayed with Clear Car Varnish.

Let me know what you think of her. I would love some feedback. Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe Christmas. Take care. xxx


Michele Lynch Art said...

Love your little baby elf she is so cute! Michele

Anonymous said...

Your little baby elf and snail are so cute.