Monday, 5 July 2010

What's wrong with some people

I bought a few figures off ebay, and the photograph was very well done. The picture of the item made the figure look floorless. However, when I received it there were so many faults in it, I thought to myself, well everything I have made in the past, I could still sell.

If i get a hairline fracture in the skin I freak out at myself because it's not good enough and I strive to make the next one better, however some people obviously don't care, now that is sad.

Anyway, that's my grizzle for the day. I will share with you a lttle later today what I have been upto. I realy could do with some advise with the baking of my work.

Catch you later, have a magic day. xxx

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Misty's Creations said...

When I get a crack in something I fill it with liquid clay and match my paint to the flesh tone! You might try that.
Have a great day your blog!