Monday, 10 May 2010

WIP - Footlings

Hi everyone, I haven't really been slack with my art, "she says with tongue in cheek" hahaha!!! Lots of family stuff going on. 

Well I have a few Troll like pieces happening, I am very disappointed in them, I just can't seem to get the cooking process down pat.

I first tried the cooking instructions for the clay as directed by the manufacturer, and the pieces were not cooked properly.  So I put the next pieces in and upped the temprature a few degrees higher, and still they have come out half baked and burnt on the edges.

I will show you a few. If someone has any advise, it would be very much appreciated.
This picture shows that I am protecting their ears, and if you look at the colour, especially of Miss Molly in the middle, I have used pastel colour clay for her dress etc. However, after cooking she has burnt ears and the dress looses its colour, as with the tall one on the left, her Gold colour went very dull and her eyes cracked. "Bummer"

I have painted Miss M in metalic acrylic and a flat skin colour, still have a lot of touching up to do to her, then I may have to use a glaze over the top and then give her some hair.  So frustrating. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

The little one is Tiny and his Dragon, just came out different shades of Brown, so they received a metalic Purple and Pink make over, hair still to come and Drae the Dragon is waiting patiently for his new wings.
That will be interesting, as I have never made wings before. Ahhhhhhh, God give me strenght, hahahaha!!

Brown eyes here, lost the shine of the Gold clay and his eyes cracked.

"what is a girl suppose to do now?" Any advise would be good, PLEASE. xxx

Twinkle Toes here, lost the Copper shine of his clay, and his top half is darker than the bottom half.  His ears are cracked and I tried a white frost eye shadow, as someone said, it gives a great effect and I am a fraid that it made the skin look as though the poor little thing has a skin allergy. That's not the effect I was looking for.
So I have a lot of work to do on him also.
And last but not least, is "Blooblee" I really love him, but he must have been cracking jokes in the oven and he split his belly open on one side. His ears are burnt and cracked and his beautiful eyes cracked in the heat
Also his Blue bits went dull.
If anyone at all can help me, Please drop me a line, either here or drop me an email on .
Thank you for stopping by, and have a magic day. xxx


Brian Blacknick said...

Your new Troll pieces are cool! I like the expression on Twinkle Toes face :)

I'm not sure why your developing cracks and getting discolored areas Tinypearl.

I try to bulk up my armatures so my polymer clay stays under a 1/2" thick.

When I bake my Super Sculpey pieces I cover them completely with a tent of foil and keep the heat at 250 degrees. I hope someone can shed some light on your problem.

tinypearl5758 said...

Thank you Brian. My clay is only about 1/4" thick, perhaps I am making them too thin and when they are heated they shrink and crack.

I might try making them a little bit thicker.

Thanks for help. xxx

Debbie said...

Love the little Dragons, so cute..x