Saturday, 3 April 2010

WIP - Stage 2 - Witch with no neck heheheh!

Well I have finished stage 2 of my witch. If you missed my first stage with the armature, I didn't make the neck long enough, so it looks as though the poor dear has no neck.  Never mind, it's just a learning curve for me.  However, any tips on anything I am doing is very welcomed.

I have managed to get her to the underwear stage.  On her legs and arms I have used an unusal wall/ribbon to bind the padding to the armature and make it look as though it is underwear.  I don't really like the stripped stockings that every witch seems to be wearing. Is there something significant about the stripes??

Anyway here is my version of her in her under garments. Her hands are suppose to be gloves and I have made them out of polymer clay. Still learning.

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