Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Trolls I think.

Hi everyone, welcome Brian, thank you for stopping by.  I have finally finished the larger Troll, well I think that is what they are.  Anyway, I have to admitt I got a little carried away, as per usual, and the Troll ended up looking like a punk. However, he is holding a bible, even a rough diamond on the outside, has hidden treasures on the inside.  I have a picture of him, not a very good one, but you will get the idea. 

I am thinking of writing a book, about these little fellows.  I have a lot of stuff going through my head about them and the witch I am creating at the moment.


Brian Blacknick said...

I like your Trolls. They have such a distinct style to them. Do you work in Super Sculpey?

tinypearl5758 said...

Hi Brian, yes I am using Super Sculpey. Thank you for comments.Do you sculpt? It's very relaxing to do.

Brian Blacknick said...

Yes Tinypearl I've been sculpting for about 30+ years. I enjoy it a great deal. About the only thing that can pull me away from it is fishing :)