Friday, 8 January 2010

"WOW" a brand new year!

Hi, can you believe another year is over. Well for me personally, it's one that I was happy to see pass. And now I have a brand new year to work on, and make it a happy and peaceful one. Hubby is doing well, (thank you God). And I have joined a site that does classes and we will be starting a new project shortly.  We will be doing a Valentine Elf.

Come join us, or go to the site and look around at the magnificent dolls and sculptures that people are creating all around the world.   They are so inspurational. 
This is the site address, enjoy.

I will post pictures of my Genie I have finished later today or tomorrow. And I am in the middle of a mer-man, well I think that's what they are called. The main thing is that I have found a craft that I am totally happy with.  Now I just have to perfect it.  Wish me luck.  Stay true to yourself and make every minute count.

Catch you soon. xxx

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