Thursday, 15 October 2009

Whilst I am still doing my Goblin, I thought I would share some of my paintings with you all.  I have not had any lessons.  My brother is an artist and he said if I can do it, I dont know why someone else cant paint also.

So here they are, please be kind with comments, I still have my "L" plates on. Heheheh!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy.

This one is called "3 Sisters"

This Dragon I painted for my God-Son.

Some of my paintings, I just see something in a magazine or a cartoon figure, some I have even got ideas from cross-stitch magazines.

The 2 women with the wine glass I did for my other God-son who wanted something a bit naughty.

This one below, I gave to my Eldest Sister for her birthday, however, it is now with one of my nieces as My Darling Sister has passed away. xxx Miss you

I also like painting insects.

My DragonFly.

Now we have a collection of painting that one of my Nieces asked me to do for her new born. (Jayden) with a winnie the pooh theme.

And the last one is a clown for another niece for her new baby girl (Monique).

I hope you have enjoyed my paintings, nothing over brilliant, however, I enjoyed doing them and they were done with love.


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Christel Hutson said...

love the use of vibrant colors! The painting are just delightful..all of them! Also, your little ones are so happy, I love this about them. xoxox Christel